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Linked Table Manager -- skip tables with errors

in the Linked Table Manager, skip tables with errors and continue linking with all in the list -- leave the problem tables checked and uncheck the tables that were successfully linked.

At the request of Microsoft, I am creating a new suggestion to separate the multiple ideas from the suggestion here:

so if you voted on that one, remove your vote and vote for this instead, if this is what you want. Thank you

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  • Dan Moorehead — PowerAccess commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I absolutely agree.

    I've proposed specifically how this could be implemented (along with other enhancements and fixes for the new Linked Table Manager for Access in Office 365) at:

    👉 "New Linked Table Manager – Suggested Improvements, Fixes, and Relative Path Relinking" ( )

    You can find, and reply to, the Microsoft Access team's response to my suggestion there.

    Though voting is locked (seemingly due to Microsoft Access team having accepted those suggestions in part), it's unclear which of the many suggestions covered there Microsoft may be implementing or to what degree they may be prioritizing them in their backlog.

    Therefore, IF you want to see this (and other major enhancements) to the Linked Table Manager prioritized, then:

    👉 Please reply to the Access team with **COMMENTS**

    ● voicing your support for this (as well as other suggested Linked Table Manager, auto-relinking and relative linked path enhancements and fixes) by describing:
    **WHY** you believe this should be a **PRIORITY** for the Access team and **WHICH** of the alternatives and separate suggestions I've outlined there you support:

    Specifically, I had proposed there (as the preferred solution) adding:

    New EDITABLE (and Sortable) Columns, including:

    ● Target Table Name
    (as Combobox – so can optionally select the corrected table name via drop-down)
    ● Local Table Name (if should differ)
    ● Data Source Filepath (or Connection String)
    ● Table Status + highlighting (indicating which, if any, tables need relinking)

    That may actually **completely remove** the need for Edit vs. Relink buttons, checkboxes, prompts and dialogs in most or all cases.

    I also proposed other much-needed features there, relating to:

    ● Automatic relinking based on relative paths
    ● Development vs. Production connections (improved support for alternative connections – a very common use case)

    Like Access MVP Juan Soto had just pointed out yesterday (in a webinar from Michal Bar, Senior Program Manager for Microsoft Access):

    ● It is **CRITICAL** that you reply with comments describing WHY you feel a suggestion should be a priority, if you want it prioritized by the Access development team (especially with the now 700+ feature requests they have to decide on and prioritize).

    That was pointed out during one of the many excellent free Microsoft Access webinars available 2+ times per month

    ● I would suggest all Access users attend the Access User Groups' free monthly webinars there by Access team members and Access MVPs (and check out those they've missed on YouTube):

    ● Those webinars cover the latest tips, tutorial walkthroughs, and new features in Microsoft Access, while also, like yesterday, providing an opportunity to ask questions of or make suggestions directly to the Access team or Access MVPs.

    I appreciate your support (by voicing your comments in the linked to feature request) in helping the Access team to prioritize this and other enhancements to the new (incredible) Linked Table Manager in Access for Office 365!



    Dan Moorehead
    Founder, PowerAccess – All-in-One Toolset & Framework for Microsoft Access
    (and PowerExcel | PowerVBA for .NET | PowerGit | PowerAccess.NET | Visual3D | PowerSQL | PowerAccess2SQL)

    👉Subscribe for Early Access to PowerAccess

  • Rob commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Would vote for this if I had any more votes. Also the resizable linker window would be appreciated.

  • KVD commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    When (if) we get to resize the dialog box, can Access please remember the new size?

  • KVD commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Yay! Yes! Do skip errors but continue and tell us which tables linked and which did not. Make the path area MUCH wider (or at least let us control that dialog box size).

  • Crystal commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    it would also be nice to add, or remove characters to the beginning of each linked table name.

    For instance, when linking to other systems, all the names might begin with dbo_. One by one, we can rename them, but it would be awesome if the Linked Table Manager could do this for us.

    Likewise, we may want to ADD prefix characters to all tables coming from a particular database -- again, we can rename them one by one, or the Linked Table Manager could do that as well.

    Perhaps a textbox in the Linked Table Manager to add or remove prefix characters?

    Another suggestion is to make the dialog box RESIZEABLE.

    Thank you

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