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Provide clarification on Access Webservices timeline for Office365

I host my Access tables on Sharepoint and use Access 2016 as my front-end. I assume this means I use Access Web Services on Sharepoint? I've just randomly come across an article that says this service will be discontinued on Office 365 by April 2018, starting June 2017. Does this mean I will have access to my online tables until April 2018 ? I've contacted Office365 support to find out if I will still be able to synch my tables after April 2018, but they could provide no further information other than the article. I don't see why Office365 should discontinue a service that works perfectly fine and is supported by Sharepoint 2016 ? Please clarify

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  • Yoshiki-Tojo from Tokyo, Japan. commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Microsoft took a large misunderstandins. The upper link stated about the Power Apps capability.
    And moreover, we will be able to change the AWA to the power apps .
    This is a large lie. We must a large efforts to change the AWA to the Power Apps.
    The phylosofy of these two products is different.
    So, we never be able to change the AWA to the Power Apps, in real situation.
    I think that Microsoft never tell a lie.
    I hope that AWA will return on office 365.
    This will be a correct Microsot buisiness deal for customers.

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