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Allow VBA to set DIsplayControl on linked tables consistently

Setting the "DisplayControl" property on a field of a linked table using VBA works.

You can read the value back using VBA, even after closing, compacting and reopening the database.

Dragging the field onto a form uses the correct control.

However, the interface still shows the value "Text Box" until manually changed by the user.

With CurrentDB().TableDefs("TABLE").Fields("FIELD")
Set prp = .CreateProperty(strProperty, "DisplayControl", acComboBox)
.Properties.Append prp
Set prp = Nothing
.Properties("DisplayControl").Value = acComboBox
End With

' You can do this in the immediate window and the value is 111 (acComboBox)
Debug.Print CurrentDB().TableDefs("TABLE").Fields("FIELD").Properties("DisplayControl").Value

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