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Create a new Comprehensive Windows Installer for Access Applications.

Access needs a quick way to get a good solid installation of Back-end and Front-end databases including a registry edit for Trusted locations and versioning.
It should also include the ability to:
Add Icons,
Add Desktop and other shortcuts,
Allow user to accept an ELUA (End User License Agreement)
Run simple scripts,
Install with full windows trust. (maybe with a certificate?)
An uninstaller.
A check for updates function.
Install support files into specified folders.
Read simple system values and react accordingly (eg if 64bit systems then install 64 bit ODBC Driver)

Also it would be nice if it could notify the user of a new application Version (via a Web ini file or similar?)
Optionally install the Access Runtime.

This would lead to massive time saving for developers and make installations quick and identical across many users...

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  • Dolly commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    There are numerous tools that already exist for exactly this purpose, many are even free, some even specifically geared towards Access. We used to have the Packaging Wizard and Microsoft ditched that a while back, but if you search there are numerous websites that cover this very subject. I Googled and the very first hit offered numerous solutions worth investigating

    I'd much rather development to fix existing issues (borders, relationships), improve existing feature (VBE, QBE, LTM) than invest in something of this nature that will only serve a small percentage of Access users.

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