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Prevent tables & queries being copied in ACCDE files

ACCDE files provide significant security especially if combined with password protection, disabling shift bypass, hiding navigation pane/ribbon/application window, using a SQL Server backend etc.
Doing so prevents users importing forms/reports & of course code from another database. However, a major weakness & common complaint is that users can still import all tables & queries including hidden & system tables.
It is possible to make tables 'deep hidden' to prevent this ...but even that can be reversed ...if you know how.
Please add code to prevent this security loophole using VBA (not in the ribbon!). If users lock themselves out by doing so, they only have themselves to blame

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  • isladogs commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hi Anders
    Yes of course there are many legitimate uses for importing/exporting data using VBA.
    However, when an FE is distributed as an ACCDE, I think it less likely that end users will be doing that. What I'm requesting is an option to prevent tables/queries being copied/ exported /imported to/from ACCDE files when these are created
    I am in no way disagreeing that for higher level security SQL Server should be used

  • Anders Ebro (TheSmileyCoder) commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    But there are many legitimate uses for your application to use VBA to import/export data. You would also be blocking all of these legitimate uses.

    If you truly require that degree of security, you should use SQL server as a backend, and apply security there.

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