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  1. Office 2016 / ODBC - Problem with drivers in Access files - Please confirm if this is By Design

    Customer has a HRD application connects to Access DB. After installing ODBC 2016 or Office 2016 (which includes ODBC), the awards in Logbook ceases to work and reports only zeros. Customer has a workaround for now:

    Fix: An automatic workaround will be put into HRD.

    Modify the registry to use the new (old) strings.
    1. Pull up regedit and go to HKCU\Software\ODBC\ODBC.INI\ODBC Data Sources
    2. Note the “Microsoft Access Driver (.mdb, *.accdb)”. That was added partially in 2007 and fully in 2010. Some older entries may have the old style string already.
    3. Change them back to the

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    Thanks for calling out this issue Subhabrata.
    We are investigating this issue.

    @Mark Burns – this is a different issue that we are looking into as well. Please post as a separate suggestion so people can vote on it and we can address.

    Michal [MSFT]

  2. SQL Server - Linked Tables: Add discription to field names in development mode.

    In MS Access its easy to add descriptions to fields in table editor. These descriptions are neither taken over when using ssma nor are they brought back to Access when already existing in sql server.

    I've written a vba-script that creates an T_SQL script to create all field descriptions of a table. But even if descriptions exists they are not reshown in the linked table.

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