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  1. Allow CTRL+A to select all text in a query's SQL View  ·  Done!

  2. Bring back wide borders in the Relationship and Query Design windows  ·  Done!

  3. Add a transposed view option to query design - columns and rows swapped.

  4. Add the facilities and features of Power Query and Power Pivot to Access as an add-in module  ·  No Current Plan

  5. Access error: "Query is corrupt" fix for version 1902 doesn't fix the issue

  6. Be able to export *.accb encrypted data to Word

  7. Would like the Return filter drop down under query design to have more options

  8. Support for geospatial data

  9. Add running total() and rownumber() functions to queries and forms

  10. Increase maximum database size to 4GB and increase maximum Query size past the current 1GB limit

  11. Include original table in as well as alias in designer view of a query

  12. Dual Windows support

  13. Prevent tables & queries being copied in ACCDE files

  14. data connector sql server  ·  Reviewed for future consideration

  15. An option needed to ignore accents and Low-High letters in queries for local and linked tables. Also multilingual characters like ü,è,á,etc.

  16. Make the borders larger around tables in query design view. Was easier to change the size of tables seen in design view in earlier versions  ·  Done!

  17. Bug Fix for Access 2016 64 bit VBA DAO Update Query Bug in Long Text Parameter

  18. Choose columns when linking to Salesforce (see power query)

  19. Add Common Data Service connectivity?

  20. data import tab

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