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    Wesley Kenis commented  · 

    I tried using the Access to sql server migration wizard with an 64 bit office installation and guess what: the shit doesn't work because it doesn't use the 64 bit access connection libraries.

    how is it possible that after more than 5 years of 64 bit processing that 99% of your own shit still runs on 32 bit (and even "suggests" users to keep using it because of "compatibility issues". Isn't it about time you started FIXING your bugs instead of fucking users over and keep crying about how difficult it is and searchingfor an excuse. Upsizing used to be a part of Access itself and it worked wonders, whish idiot is responsible for the removal of this feature?? and more troublesome: for the fucking up of the compatibility???? The only option I now have left is to unistall my access and install the "access client" just to get back to 32 bits, I'm NOT going down that path just because of your idiot managers. FIX IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    PS. as a professional .NET developer I find it an outrage that "collegues" that are supposed to know what they're doing release such crappy versions??? If a version is not production ready DON'T release it and tell marketing they can stick it where the sun don't shine. it's not because the competition releases a new crappy version every 5 minutes that you must follow. QUALITY OVER QUANTITY always prevails. Follow that philosophy for once. You force tools and updates down on us but you have no idea what you're doing. I had to "upgrade" several times already just to get a working version of windows. And with the latest update you just "killed" my working verions with yet another one, resetting ALL my preferences along the way. be bye numlock and other fast boot options. I had to redo all my settings because of your disrespect for users. No wonder Apple is so popular these days: they deliver quality faster than you can get your crap out the door.

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