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    49 comments  ·  Access (Desktop Application) » Queries  ·  Flag idea as inappropriate…  ·  Admin →
    Aleks R commented  · 

    It blows my mind that users are still getting these faulty updates. We are still working with clients who are getting the error for the first time. Sure, in most cases, it's an easy fix, often a KB install. But if Microsoft has the ability to push updates on users, then WHY are they not also pushing out the patch KBs to applicable versions? So many man hours lost to this debacle, and though it has eased up, it's still going on.

    Aleks R commented  · 

    @Dolly, thank you! A co-worker found the command prompt thing, but we were afraid to use a client as a guinea pig without having tried it in-house first. Fortunately, it did work. Thanks!

    Aleks R commented  · 

    Does anyone know of a fix for Access 2013 users with a version of 15.0.5189.1000?

    This version does not HAVE a KB to uninstall. KB4484119 is not installed.

    Edit: I don't mean changing our Update queries. That's not a viable fix.

    Aleks R commented  · 

    We have been logging on to clients systems and uninstalling KBs or reverting C2R versions almost non-stop since last Wednesday.

    It's good that Microsoft has published updates for the Monthly Channel C2R and for non-C2R 2016. The fixes came about four days too late in my opinion, but it's good that they came.

    But now they have pushed BACK the timeline for other versions' fixes.
    We expected new KBs for A2010 and A2013 today. The timeline now says next Friday.
    The timeline for C2R Semi-Annual Channel fixes was Monday, 11/25. Now, it's Friday, 11/29.

    I used to have little faith in Microsoft. Now I have none.

    Oh, how I wish we could charge Microsoft for the hundreds of man hours we have lost due to their mistakes. And for the who knows how many hours our clients have lost.

    Aleks R commented  · 

    Anonymous: Thanks. Yes, we have been following the same instructions.

    My question was for later.

    We have a computer in-house that we reverted from 12130.20344 to 12130.20272.

    Now, when I click "Update Now" in an Office product on that machine, it says that I'm up-to-date.
    Even though a newer version, 12130.20390, is available as of last night. Our products are working fine in the 12130.20272, but at some point, I'd like to get the machine (and our clients with whom we've worked) to the current version that has patches for the now-published security holes.

    I was wondering if anyone had previously done a manual revert, and then later got the product back to current. How? Thanks!

    Aleks R commented  · 

    We have verified that installing KB4484198 does work for Access 2016 non-click-to-runs.

    We have verified that running "Update Now" for Access 2016 click-to-run 12130.20344 does work.

    So that's good.

    We are still actively uninstalling KBs for our A2013 and A2010 clients, and rolling back versions for those click-to-runs on the semi-annual channel.

    Next we have to figure out how to get those click-to-run clients whose versions we rolled back to be on the current version again. When you pick "Update Now" on those guys, the system thinks they're up-to-date (or as up-to-date as the System Administrator says they may be).

    Does anyone reading this have experience with Undoing a Version Rollback on Click-to-run Office?

    Aleks R commented  · 

    We have worked with hundreds of clients to remove the update. Some of our clients could follow our instructions to do it themselves, but many don't feel comfortable, so we work with them.

    Now we are working with many clients a second time because their system setup did not allow a pause of automatic updates, and they got the update again. HOW? How are the problem updates still being delivered to clients?? Waiting for a patch for already updated systems is ridiculous, but still delivering a known faulty update?

    Our own little shop has spent over 150 man hours dealing with it, and our clients have lost who knows how many hours not being able to use crucial systems.

    Does Microsoft have a clue as to how big a problem this is?

    Aleks R commented  · 

    Jan Bečka: Yes, we have had two clients on semi-annual channel need to revert their version so far.

    Aleks R commented  · 

    Oh, and for those of you removing Security Updates -- make sure you turn off the flag to install Office Updates automatically BEFORE you remove the KB. Else, the offending KB will start re-installing immediately.

    We have removed KBs from dozens of clients today, and will likely have to do the same thing again tomorrow because of this automatic updating.

    I wonder if Microsoft has a clue as to the magnitude of this problem. Replacing tables with queries as a work-around??

    Aleks R commented  · 

    James Muka: For our 365 clients, we have followed the steps to revert the entire version, found here:
    Incredibly annoying to have to do it, and to lose all the actual benefits of the updates, but it's actually easy to do.

    Aleks R commented  · 

    Note that the error associated with this is 3340.
    For Access 2010, uninstalling KB4484127 fixes it.
    For Click-to-run versions, reverting to the previous version fixes it. Unfortunately, that means that you lose all the now-documented security patches in the update, so I truly hope Microsoft patches this.

    Aleks R shared this idea  · 

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